For the sake of development I need to make NGINX drop "Secure" flag from cookie headers.

Set-Cookie:XSRF-TOKEN=zzzzzzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzzzzz; Path=/; Secure

should become

Set-Cookie:XSRF-TOKEN=zzzzzzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzzzzz; Path=/;

For each Set-Cookie header. I am creating a reverse-proxy configuration to decouple development server from the UI and since upstream is running behind HTTPS while NGINX is running on plain HTTP, browser refuses to send cookies back.

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    Should be easier to get an ssl certificate.
    – Alexey Ten
    May 31 '17 at 14:49
  • You're right, this is what I'm doing now, but my internal perfectionist told me to ask this question :)
    – Juriy
    May 31 '17 at 15:03

I know this is quite old question, but there is no answer here and I couldn't find fine solution for the same problem.

So I forked nginx_cookie_flag_module module and changed it to nginx_unsecure_cookie_module: https://github.com/yumauri/nginx_unsecure_cookie_module

I'm frontend developer, my C/C++ knowledges are super low, but looks like it is working in my tests :) So I reckon it is good enough for development reasons.

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