I am trying to manage our two QLogic SANBox 5800v fiber switches from my Windows 10 workstation.

Unfortunately, due to I think Java and IE compatibility issues, the web UI does not work on a Windows 10 machine. Firstly you have to jump through hoops with compatibility mode, trusted sites and Java security settings, but using the latest build of Java I just get a Java exception (Access denied) message.

Currently the only way for me to manage these switches using a GUI, is from an old Vista PC with an outdated version of IE and Java, and this is obviously less than ideal. SANSurfer is also now deprecated, and I can't get that to run on Windows 10 either anyway.

QLogic cannot tell me how to manage via Windows 10 using a GUI, and suggest I just use the CLI. This involves having to learn commands and syntax etc. which I am wary about as I have no proper training in QLogic CLI management, and will likely end up doing something that brings down the live switches.


You should probably update your QLogic SANBox 5800v firmware. Check your firmware version:

  • From the GUI, namely QuickTools: Switch Data Window > Firmware group > Firmware Version.
  • From CLI: SANbox #> show version, look for entry ActiveSWVersion.

According to the Readme for Switch Firmware, QuickTools is compatible with Java 8 on Internet Explorer 9 and later (while e.g. firmware V 7.4 was compatible with Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment 1.4.2). On Windows 10, make sure you are using Internet Explorer, not Edge.

  • Looks like the answer to me! We are two versions behind the latest firmware (Currently running, but that was from 4 years ago! Will try an update and see how we get on! Thanks. – James Edmonds Jun 2 '17 at 14:21

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