I installed centos7 on Ubuntu 16.04 KVM with qcow2 disk format.

To deploy my centos maschine I need it in vhdx disk format to support Microsoft's Hyper-V. I used qemu-image to convert it from qcow2 file format to vhdx.

qemu-img convert -O vhdx centos.qcow2 centos.vhdx

When I create in Microsoft's Hyper-V a new generation 1 vm with the centos.vhdx disk file I get an error like

dracut-initqueue[220]: Warning dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts

See my bootscren: Bootscreen

How I can fix this issue?


Download the Centos7 DVD, boot from the DVD and rescue a centos system.

Follow this: https://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/CreateNewInitrd

Be sure to skip to "to build it for a specific kernel version"

I have had the same going from Virtualbox to Hyper-V.

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I just had the same issue trying to complete a fresh CentoOS 7 install on a Dell Laptop. Found the answer here:

After the timeout error message finishes, you are entered to dracut commandline just type


Find the LABEL = ***** associated with the device you are trying to boot from and then reboot. In the selection page choose to edit or press whichever key it is to edit and then delete the name that is on there next to LABEL and add what you got from the blkid. don't change anything else.

this should fix it. if not try might a different usb creator.

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Instead of converting the QCOW2 image to VHDX I have converted it to VMDK. Then reformatted the VMDK and successfully brought it up in ESXi 5.5, but the I'm unable to bring it up in ESxi 6.5.

With 6.5 ESXi I'm getting the error /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxxxxx does not exist

error screenshot

Then I've found a workaround for ESxi 6.5. In the VM settings if we change the Virtual Device Node from SCSI Controller to IDE master it will fix the issue.

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