I have some locations that are running pfSense routers. I attempted to use the softflowd to send data to NFSen thinking that if it came from the LAN interface it might show the bandwidth per IP at least I was led to believe that.

Is there another way to monitor B/W usage from DHCP clients? I use LibreNMS for servers and network gear, but you only see usage on a per interface which does not help if you have several clients on that interface.

While pfsense does have a basic way to monitor in and out. I would like to have something with more details so I can see more perniciously what is going on.

I have thought about maybe setting up a virtualized BSD or Linux machine to pass traffic through if there was a way to monitor in some regard like that.


You can setup a virtual linux gateway with bandwidth monitoring features. Here is a prebuilt vmware image of WFilter NG firewall and guide:


WFilter can monitor bandwidth, record internet activities, content filter and limit bandwidth rate. It seems to be what you want.

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