Is it possible to copy files between Azure and S3/Glacier, without going via an intermediary PC or VM. The use case is that we have multiple Sql Server Backups going onto Azure. We'd now like to copy a single monthly backup from Azure onto S3/Glacier for longer term disaster recovery. We're talking about ~5T/month

We don't want to pull 5T over our network and then push 5T back onto AWS, so we could run a tool from an Azure or AWS VM, but I was hoping that someone would have solved this already by providing a service to go Azure->AWS without the intermediary.

Apologies if pricing detail isn't permitted but I thought I'd demonstrate why Cloudsfer wouldn't work for us, although their service looks interesting. 60T Storage on glacier for a year with 5T going in per month costs $311/month (June 2017). Whereas transfer alone using Cloudsfer would be $3750/month. So storing the data is 1/12 of the cost of copying the data, that doesn't sound right.

I have no association with MS, Amazon or Cloudsferand I've let them know this question is here.


Your question is unclear, please edit your question to add more details. Do you want to mirror files between Azure storage and AWS storage without any kind of VM?

AWS Data Pipeline is a service you should look at. You might have to write a little bit of code, but it would run on AWS managed infrastructure. I think this will work.

Someone probably makes a service that will do it for you, if you pay them - a quick search found Cloudsfer which may or may not do what you want.

Otherwise, you use the public API for the service you're interested in. S3 API, Glacier. You need to run code for this.

There will also be plenty of different libraries or methods to access S3 made by others. There's also the AWS Storage Gateway, which does require a VM to be run, but makes accessing S3 easy.

  • I've edited my question to give the use case detail – MrTelly Jun 15 '17 at 6:07
  • If it's just files then use the data pipeline I suggested above. If you want to copy live from that database to a database in AWS you can use the AWS database migration service. The fallback method may be to spin up a t2.medium VM, do the copy, then turn the VM off. – Tim Jun 15 '17 at 7:37

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