I am trying to setup IP Based SSL instead of SNI SSL on an azure Web App.

The App Service Plan is Standard S1, but unfortunately I am getting the following error message: There are no IP addresses in the App Service Environment that are available to be assigned to your app.

What are the possible options?

I believe moving the current Web App to a different App Service Plan in a different resource group would solve this issue. I Have already tried moving the App service plan to a different resource group but failed. Clicking the button doesn't work Note: Clicking the scale up button doesn't work and shows a JavaScript error in the console


Try doing the change via powershell Login-AzureRmAccount

Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionId aaaaaa-2f8e-4308-8cba-e1f8e8b90349

New-AzureRmWebAppSSLBinding -ResourceGroupName taxmanrg-rg -WebAppName taxmanwebapp -Thumbprint B205CBFA0FCF30A88CA20B0F50C94F8C8F3E6AC6 -Name www.taxman.com -SslState IpBasedEnabled

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