I have created an NFS file share on windows server 2016 configured as follows: nfs config

I have then set the permissions to allow full read-write access:permissions

And I have then updated the security to ensure every file in the directory e:\docker\volumes can be modified by anonymous users:

ntfs permissions

On my ubuntu machine I'm mounting the file share as follows:

sudo mount /mnt/dockervolumes -o rw

which works fine. I can view documents in there without issue, and all files have the following permissions

enter image description here

However creating files gives the following:

ross@dar-docker-02:/mnt/dockervolumes/travis$ sudo touch test.txt touch: cannot touch 'test.txt': Permission denied And making directories:

ross@dar-docker-02:/mnt/dockervolumes/travis$ sudo mkdir test mkdir: cannot create directory ‘test’: Input/output error

Why are the shares read only?!

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