we own a DNS domain who looks like ma.com

We would like to create development environment using the same domain, but pointing to our private IP addresses. For example, i would like dev.ma.com to be resolved to

So basically, i would like my 2008 R2 active directory server to answer for dev.ma.com (and returning my ip address) but not for all other entries of ma.com, managed by our public dns server (not related to active directory).

I saw there are conditional forwarders but i can't figure out how to use these feature to achieve this.

Thanks for your help.


It sounds to me like you need to use Pinpoint DNS. With pinpoint DNS you can configure your internal DNS servers to resolve a single name like Dev.ma.dns to an internal IP Address while making sure that your internal DNS Server is not considered authoritative for the rest of the zone. Those records will continue to be resolved by your Public DNS Servers. Check out the link below for a more detailed description of Pinpoint DNS:


Hope this helps.


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