I'm trying to create a new server instance using the australia region (any zone) within GCE, but the automatic VPC network does not seem to have the australia zone listed?

This means there is not a subnetwork available for any of the new australian regions.

When I try on another project that uses the "legacy" type, it then automatically assigns an internal IP from my global subnetwork.

Is there a way to manually add a subnetwork to the automatic type, or do I need to switch the VPC to custom, then add the subnetwork?

I don't want to switch to custom if it will not allow me to do this, as I can see that you can't go back!


When a new GCP Region is released, it is available for all GCP users by:

  1. Creating a new custom VPC and adding a subnet for the new region
  2. By converting the current default auto VPC to a custom VPC and adding a subnet for the new region
  3. Waiting a day or so, as soon after the release of the region, GCP projects are updated, so that the default VPC will have a subnet for the new region

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