I am having an existing wildcard CNAME record that goes like *.example.com. I wanted to add another CNAME record to map from an address like app.example.com to some.example.com. Will this create conflicts on the DNS records?

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A specific entry always overrides a wildcard, so app.domain.com will take priority on *.domain.com

See chapter 4.3.3 of RFC 1034.

Wildcard RRs do not apply:

  • When the query is in another zone. That is, delegation cancels the wildcard defaults.

  • When the query name or a name between the wildcard domain and the query name is know to exist. For example, if a wildcard RR has an owner name of "*.X", and the zone also contains RRs attached to B.X, the wildcards would apply to queries for name Z.X (presuming there is no explicit information for Z.X), but not to B.X, A.B.X, or X.

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