Trying to run service that uses port results in error

Port 20102 is already being used by another process (pid: 821)

Though process is not active: ps ax | grep 821 gives nothing

netstat -a | grep 20102 gives nothing as well

How is it possible and what can be done?

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    It sounds like the socket is in timed-wait. Was 821 active recently and does the problem go away after a few more minutes? if so, this answer covers the problem well serverfault.com/questions/329845/…
    – tdelaney
    Jun 25, 2017 at 16:36

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Try change you netstat arguments for

netstat -ntupl | grep :20102

And use the command for check process in use

lsof -i :20102

The manual of netstat, on -a argument say: All, but this is not true always

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