Simply put, I delete the asset from SCCM but when I go to reimage the machine I cannot rename. After I choose the image the task sequence begins without prompting for a machine name. What am I missing here?


This problem was attributed to a specific computer that was causing any computer that was being reimaged to take its name. We attributed it to a scanner driver on the said problem child.

I have a new problem now so I will make a new thread.



SCCM does not prompt for computer names during an OSD by default. There are 2 ways you can achieve this:

First, You can include a script in your task sequence that prompts for the computer name. An example of this is:


The second way is to set a Collection Variable on the All Unknown Computers collection. The computer should fall into this collection as you've deleted it out of SCCM. The variable needs to be configured as below:

  • Name - OSDComputerName

  • Uncheck "Do not display this value......."

  • Value - leave blank

If you do a search for OSDComputerName you'll find quite a lot of information out there about it.

Hope this helps

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