I have submitted a certificate request to my windows standalone-CA, I already issued the certificate by approving the pending request, but I dont know ow to export the .cer file from the CA


If you right click on the certificate in the Issued Certificates section of the MMC, you can select All Tasks and then Export Binary Data.

From the Columns that contain binary data: dropdown select Binary Certificate. On the Export options choose Save binary data to a file.

enter image description here

Click OK and then select a directory on the disk to save the certificate file. For the best results on a Windows system save the file with a name like cert_subject.crt.

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Double click the certificate to open Certificate window. Go to Details tab and click Copy to File... button to start the certificate export wizard:

enter image description here

Then you see below step in the wizard which gives you the option of saving the *.cer file on disk:

enter image description here

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