We have a Web Farm with IIS 7.5 that has a 3rd party application that syncs IIS Content and Configuration. We used this back in IIS 6 days, when there were no tools in the OS that handled this easily. The software is nice, but it has become buggy.

This link provides a lot of good pros/cons of each method that we can use from Microsoft. IIS Configuration Synchronization for Web Server Farm?


  1. For Server 2016 and IIS 10, is Shared Configuration and IIS Web Farm Framework 2.2 still preferred and supported method of syncing IIS Content and Configuration? I have read over these subjects and I haven't found a place that says both of these are still supported means of IIS 10 replication.

  2. For our current load balance, each website is balanced with a dedicated IP address that is unique to that server. That is the endpoint of the balance. For example: Site1 on server 1 = x.x.x.100, Site 1 on Server 2 = x.x.x.101, etc. We've been able to avoid Host Headers this way. The 3rd party IIS sync software we are using supports adding binding overrides during the sync job, so I can specify what bindings I want on what servers in the sync. I don't see this option in Shared Configuration or IIS Web Farm Framework 2.2. How do people load balance websites without this?

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