I have a ubuntu installed on a partition on my hard drive and I have finally gotten ubuntu to work just the way I like it. However, using a partition of my hard drive as the main disk in my vmware machine is really slow.

I would like to just be able to make an exact copy of what is on this partition--but in a vmdk.

However, I would like to have some room to spare on the disk and I want it to be a flat image (30gb or so) for it to perform even faster.

I am using Workstation 7 in Windows 7.

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    Please humor my ignorant question .. why is running from a VM faster than running from a native partition? – tomjedrz Nov 19 '09 at 1:49
  • I honestly don't know why, but in my experience it is much faster. – Alec Gorge Nov 20 '09 at 0:13

I think you can use a conversion wizard for that. You can find it at File->Import or Export in the main menu.

  • I will check that when I boot back into Windows. – Alec Gorge Nov 20 '09 at 0:19
  • i just re installed windows, don't worry I haven't forgotten you...I will get around to figuring this out. – Alec Gorge Nov 23 '09 at 2:40

VMware converter sounds like what you're looking for:


  • I used the File->Export then I used the converter. – Alec Gorge Dec 1 '09 at 1:58

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