I have an upstart script that runs a background daemon that I want to run as a specific non-root user.

The script is here:

How To Create a Calibre Ebook Server on Ubuntu

The relevant bit is here:

description "Calibre (ebook manager) content server"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [^2345]


env USER='myusername'
env PASSWORD='mypassword'
env LIBRARY_PATH='/home/user/calibre-library'
env MAX_COVER='300x400'
env PORT='80'

    exec /usr/bin/calibre-server --with-library $LIBRARY_PATH --auto-reload \
                             --max-cover $MAX_COVER --port $PORT \
                             --username $USER --password $PASSWORD
end script

The problem: the calibre-server executable is being run as root. I want the executable itself run as user 'myusername', so that it has the permissions of that user, and not the permissions of root.


Add the lines setuid <USER> and setgid <GROUP> to the file. Note that this does not start the process with <USER>'s supplemental groups.

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