I have this private network,

On this network, two servers :

  • SVR-DC1 , a domain controller / dns server with only 1 network interface : its ip is
  • SVR-REMOTE , a RRAS / VPN server / DHCP / NAP with 2 interfaces , and a public one.

Ok so plenty of clients (domain computers) join my private network through SVR-REMOTE. Once, for example, CLI-FRANCK join the vpn , it can ping and resolve SVR-DC1 and other machines from the private network, but no other machine connected through the VPN. No one can ping CLI-FRANCK or CLI-FRANCK.MYDOMAIN.ORG unless we ping directly the IP : SVR-DC1, SVR-REMOTE, CLI-MYRIAM also on the VPN, noone can resolve CLI-FRANCK.

Did i miss a setting ?


Are your Client machines registering DNS records through the DNS server specified in the VPN DHCP scope?

If SRV-DC1 is a global catalog, I would check the AD-integrated zone to see if VPN'd CLI machines are in there.

Edit: Also have a look at the settings in the VPN adapter on the client machine... pictured here

  • the edit did it – Proviste Jul 11 '17 at 19:41

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