Is there a way I could allow access to a directory only if certain custom header is present and the value matches? With apache, I've been doing it with SetEnvIf. How could I do it with nginx?

Basically I have a dev server that should be accessed only by me, but I have dynamic ip and have to change config file everyday. With apache, I just set my browser to send a custom header that acted like an access password and apache would allow access if that header value was correct.


Your actual question is answered here:


Having said that, why not use Basic Auth? That makes it a password, instead of acting like one.


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I researched a lot to solve a simple problem: Only allow proxy_pass if request have a specific token in the header. I tried all the answers here and nothing worked how I liked. My final solution is:

location /api {
    proxy_http_version 1.1;

    if ($http_authorization != "Bearer 1234") {
        return 401;

    proxy_pass http://app:3000/;




Nginx location exact match matches beyond arguement


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