I have two HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers with Windows Server 2016 on which a SQL Server 2016 is to be installed in the failover cluster with Storage Spaces Direct. When I try to activat S2D via PowerShell I get the error:

WARNING: 2017/07 / 13-10: 13: 48.295 Disk number 2 ({455cd214-ecdd-7e52-b5c5-a505367c878c}, friendly name 'HP LOGICAL VOLUME') on node DB1 has unsupported media type

The HDDs as well as SSDs are set up in a RAID. The SSDs are recognized as MediaType SSD, but the HDDs are unspecified. Changing the MediaType via Set-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName HPLogicalVolume -MediaType HDD failed.

The HDDs and SSDs are online but without a partition and are recognized as Bus Type SAS.

How can I activate Storage Spaces direct in this configuration or where is my error?

Many thanks in advance.


You have to have supported media types with Storage Spaces Direct which is no-RAID, no-FC and no-iSCSI. Should be SATA, SAS and NVMe.



Use local-attached SATA, SAS, or NVMe drives.

You can easily workaround this issue if you say don't have compatible SAS HBA and want to use RAID controller and single driver RAID0 nodes by forcing RAID -> SAS using registry tweaking or installing third-party filter driver to do that.


I can't find the driver though...

P.S. In general I'd skip using S2D on only two nodes, it's clumsy at best: fault tolerance isn't great: cluster can't survive second disk or node crash in a row, multi-resilient disks and erasure coding aren't available.


Right, using Storage Spaces Direct in two or three nodes configuration is not the best idea. There are a lot of solutions in this niche like HPE or Starwind. HPE Storevirtual works with two nodes and additional witness node. Starwind works with two nodes by design. https://www.hpe.com/us/en/storage/storevirtual.html


To specify media type you need to set it with PowerShell script similar to:

Get-Physicaldisk | where size -gt 506870912000 | Set-PhysicalDisk –MediaType HDD

This script fails unless the disk is already a member of a Storage Pool. When your server is already a member of Failover Cluster, there is a problem, that newly created Pools are shared. Best is to create a Storage Pool before joining the cluster, change Media Type and destroy the pool. Disk type is preserved.

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