Long story short, I have a brand new "IBM Serveraid M1015 SAS/SATA Controller", I plug it in to allow even more hard drives plugged into this machine and I get:

All the disks from your previous configuration are gone. If this is
an unexpected message, then please power off your system and check your cables
to ensure all disks are present.
Press any key to continue, or 'C' to load the configuration utillity.

I have gotten storcli64, but card "doesn't support" JBOD mode when asked to turn it on via storcli, but when clearing the boot blocking message by hand all the drives work correctly.

I need to know what to tell the ServeRAID card, preferably via storcli64, to make it happy and clear the system for booting without nuking the data on the drives.

My alternative is moving a keyboard and display every time that machine is rebooted for security upgrades, which makes me grumpy, and I dont really consider it acceptable behavior for the system to refuse to boot without human input in its default configuration.

P.S. I've come across folks recommend a HBA instead, I will try that next time because this card was supposed to fulfill for me the job of connecting disks, not manage the data on them.

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