Is it ok to host both a web app and db server on different cloud providers? Traditionally you really needed to host both on the same network - but I'm wondering if, with modern networks, this is less of a necessity.

I have a web app (Aurelia/ASP.Net Core) hosted on Linode and I need to add a mongo db server. I really don't want to have to manage the db servers - so would prefer to use a cloud service/PAAS like MongoAtlas or mLab etc but my concern is latency. I'm hoping that I could use either of these if I chose a data center in the same country/location as my Linodes are hosted.

My app should be ok with not-so-real-time responses - but lags of a few seconds won't work.

Can anyone comment on experiences with this?


I can tell you my own experience.

I have a web server hosted in Azure which store into and retrieve data from a M10 MongoDB Atlas instance hosted in AWS. Both instantes are located in Europe datacenters. Communication latency between these two instances is about 12 milliseconds per query, no matter what type of query is it. For example, if I want to retrieve some data that MongoDB can found in 2ms, it needs about 12ms + 2ms to finish the query. This is a big issue in my case, because sometimes I want to proceed with multiple queries, one after another, and those extra 12ms are killing the performance of my application.

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