I have a fair amount of DNS experience, however, I've never setup my own DNS server (I've always used 3rd parties); this is my first time trying to run my own DNS service.

My desired setup:

  • authoritative dns server
  • synth (artificial) domain responses
  • no query forwarding (ideally, it should silently drop any queries that it is not authoritative for)
  • ability to add other records (A, AAAA, PTR, MX ..etc)

AFAIK, only dnsmasq supports synth domains (which is the main reason to setup this auth sever). I'm not concerned with how to actually host the service, I am trying to validate the dnsmasq configuration at this point.

I spent a while looking at the man pages and I can't seem to actually get an auth dnsmasq server to operate the way I would like. For example, I'm trying to do a proof of concept config:


This is running locally, so to test:

$ dig @ ip-192-168-1-100.example.com +short

Any ideas?


Well, looks like it's normal dnsmasq behavior. I found old thread, where described why synth-domain and auth-zone not working together. After commenting auth-zone in configuration files, everything start working.

  • Good find! Looks like I'll have to look elsewhere to get everything I'm looking for. – theG Jul 17 '17 at 16:35

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