Using the OMSA tool in Windows Server 2008 R2 I have created a new RAID 5 array and virtual disk called Vault. This is how it appears in OMSA;

enter image description here

I am using 6 physical disks in the RAID.

After creating the virtual disk it appeared in the disk management area as two unallocated disk partitions;

  • 1 x 2048GB
  • 1 x 2607GB

enter image description here

However I want one large 4655GB volume, not two individual ones.

When in the disl management area for the first time I was prompted to 'initialise disk', I choose the default option which was MBR, although there was also GPT (similar to image below) - not sure if this makes any difference?

enter image description here

So, I right clicked on the first partition and selected New Sample Volume. From here I assigned a drive letter (V). I then thought I could extend the V drive with the 2607GB of unallocated space to the right, however that option is greyed out.

enter image description here

Have I configured something incorrectly? What do I need to do in order to setup the new virtual drive as one large 4655GB drive?

Any advice is appreciated.


The disk has to be GPT formatted to support volumes larger than 2 TB.

If you haven't put anything on the volume yet, delete it. Then right click on Disk 3 and pick "Convert to GPT", or Initialize and then pick GPT. You can then create your volume.

If you do have data on it, you can right-click Disk 3 and pick "Convert to GPT". Then you can expand the volume.

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