When I'm using a SRV DNS record, what name(s) do I put in the TLS certificate? For example, if I'm setting up slapd on two servers (klas1 and klas2), and I define these DNS records (using bind zone file style notation):

_ldap._tcp.example.com. IN  SRV 10 0 389 klas1.example.com.
_ldap._tcp.example.com. IN  SRV 20 0 389 klas2.example.com.
klas1.example.com.  A
klas2.example.com.  A

I'd expect my clients would be configured to connect to ldap://example.com/. However when I'm generating TLS certificates on the servers, do I generate them with the name "example.com", or do I generate them with the name "klas1.example.com", or do I need both?


The certificate must match the hostname, i.e. corresponding A record for the server. You could have individual klas1.example.com & klas2.example.com certificates or shared wildcard *.example.com certificate, but example.com won't match.

The SRV records don't need certificates as they are used only on DNS level for service discovery.


you only need your host entries (A records), services records are used for discovery not the connection itself.

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