I having been setting up our prod infrastructure and have noticed that when using the ami-1c47407f ap-southeast-2 image, it seems to be using this within the ec2 instances themselves - amzn-ami-hvm-2016.09.1.20170119-x86_64-gp2 (ami-1c47407f). Just curious why it's actually using the gp2 part which from what I understand is used for NVIDIA/GPU instances which we are not using (we are on a t2.small). Does this mean we will be getting charged for the image? or will we only be charged if we use it with a GPU instance type.


gp2 probably refers to the GP2 "general purpose solid state disk", though the AMI can be run with any disk type. I think you're referring to the G2 instance type.

As EEAA says, you pay for the instance type you're running.

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You will only be charged for the instance type you're running.

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