I would like to ask question regarding to forward-port rule for firewalld.

OS I am using is ,

CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)

My Goal

Forward requests to httpd listening on

[root@development /]# netstat -atunp | grep httpd
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      2601/httpd          


I have set firewalld rule as below.

[root@development /]# firewall-cmd --list-all --zone=external
external (active)
  target: default
  icmp-block-inversion: no
  interfaces: eth0
  services: ssh
  masquerade: yes
  rich rules: 
    rule family="ipv4" forward-port port="8080" protocol="tcp" to-port="80"

However, if I send request from external host, firewalld rejects request to port 8080.

In this case, (client) -------> (8080)

[root@dellinspiron13z asset]# curl -XGET
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused

If the process is running as , it works perfectly.

Is there anyway to redirect requests to localhost port?


This is how it is done:

firewall-cmd --permanent --direct --add-rule ipv4 nat OUTPUT 0 -p tcp -o lo --dport 8080 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 80

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You have to change route_localnet in sysctl on interface with address or for 'all' if you lazy

In lucky coincidence I have fresh CentOS with same version, so by default this knob is disabled

[root@tesla ~]# cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core) 
[root@tesla ~]# sysctl -a | grep route_localnet
net.ipv4.conf.all.route_localnet = 0
net.ipv4.conf.default.route_localnet = 0
net.ipv4.conf.enp0s5.route_localnet = 0
net.ipv4.conf.lo.route_localnet = 0
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  • Didnt work. I think I am still missing something. – Yu Watanabe Jul 28 '17 at 0:15

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