Okay, I will say it in short. I have a domain name from bigrock.

To configure Domain Email, I used Zoho mail with admin@mydomain.com which offers 5 GB Data. I updated appropriate CNAME records.

Later, I came to know that With Domain, I get 5 emails to use for free.

Disadvantage: Only 100 MB/email allowed. So I created a forward only account with Sumit@mydomain.com that forwards to myid@gmail.com.

Now when I test my forward only account it says no such user here and points to mail.zoho.com CNAME( where only admin@mydomain.com exists)

So essentially, can I have two Email providers configured with my domain? Thanks in advance.


The MX record decides which server to connect to , to send an email to an address with a domain name.

there can be multiple MX records with different priorities. but you cannot specify an MX record for certain email addresses.

  • This. Almost. Depending on the mail server involved and how it is configured you could in fact forward mail for a specific user to a different SMTP server. But the initial connection will begin with the highest priority (lowest number) MX record in your dns. – ivanivan Jul 27 '17 at 13:49

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