Where is it customary/appropriate for me to persist my DB? Should it be:

  • Under /var/lib/ ?
  • Under /var/db/ ?
  • Elsewhere?

(I'm assuming it doesn't matter which DB it is.)


Assuming your db holds variable data and not program configuration, and according to the fhs standard, the place should be either /var/lib/yourapp or /var/lib/misc.

Now, if it contains only configuration for the program on the computer, maybe its place is in /etc/yourapp.

If it is both, dont really know.

I didnt see /var/db in the standart, so i assume it is a custom folder, which isnt advised.

Applications must never create or require special files or subdirectories in the root directory. Other locations in the FHS hierarchy provide more than enough flexibility for any package.

Related Fhs standard (fhs stands for file hierarchy standard)

  • In the file you linked to, /var/db is mentioned in footnote 39. But the way its mentioned sort of gives me the answer. I just felt the name "lib" doesn't really sound right, as there's nothing "library"ish about my DB.
    – einpoklum
    Jul 29 '17 at 7:40

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