I am starting with mongodb atlas and I am a bit lost. I would like to follow the tutorial:


I am on the 2 tutorial and I am not able to see the build cluster UI wich come at 2:30

When I come in the UI of cloud manager I have a "New deployment" button and when I click on it I have a complete configuration. But I would like the simple one. Does anyone tries?

Thanks in advance


You can have MongoDB Cloud Manager and MongoDB Atlas groups associated with the same login.

If you see a "New Deployment" button rather than a "Build a New Cluster", you are looking at a MongoDB Cloud Manager group rather than a MongoDB Atlas group. The logo at the top left of your page should also indicate whether the currently selected group is Cloud Manager or Atlas.

To add a MongoDB Atlas group:

In Cloud Manager, click on your user name in the upper-right hand corner and select My Groups. Click the Add Group button.

The Create a New Group screen provides you the choice to create either an Atlas group or a Cloud Manager group. Select MongoDB Atlas to create a new Atlas group and switch to the Clusters view in Atlas. To add clusters to the new group, continue to Create a Cluster.

The above steps are from the MongoDB Atlas FAQ: As an existing MongoDB Cloud Manager account holder, how do I create a new MongoDB Atlas group?.

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