Im speccing up a new 16A PDU for a 42u rack build, i need a PDU with IP control so that i can power cycle devices remotely. But I've noticed that most PDUs with IP control don't have surge protection on them.

I can find lots of surge protected PDUs but they tend to be "rack mounted surge protected extension leads" rather than IP controllable PDUs.

Any idea why this is ?

My thought was that i could get a IEC PDU, IP, but non surge and then plug some IEC surge protected "rack mounted extension lead type PDU" something like THIS. But if i did that although the equipment in the rack would be surge protected, the IP controllable PDU wouldn't be.

  • Will there be no battery backup system that also regulates the power involved? That's where a lot of racks get their power regulation from. Aug 2, 2017 at 21:36

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There are a whole lot of "it depends" on this one. In most cases involving a managed PDU, suppression is handled upstream somewhere.

If you are in a colo I would recommend talking to their power guys there to get their recommendation. You may have plenty surge suppression already.

If you will just be plugging these into your own UPSes I would follow the manaufacturer's recommendations. Some specifically warn against adding suppression on the load (output) side. Some have suppression built in. Contact your UPS vendor.

  • If a PDU has surge protection built in, I probably wouldn't purchase it, adding complexity increases the number of "moving parts" and increases the likelihood of failure, protection should be from a UPS. Aug 8, 2017 at 18:54

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