From within a linux VM, I'm trying to read the OVF environment parameters using this command:

# vmtoolsd --cmd 'info-get guestinfo.ovfEnv'
No value found

I did check that vmtoolsd service is running.

If I go to 'edit settings' for the VM, I can clearly see there does exist OVM env settings. So I would expect this command to work.

Anyone know why its not working? Or how to resolve?

Note: I'm running on a CentOS7 VM inside ESX 6.5 / vCenter 6.5.


I found that power-off and power-on off the Guest VM fixes the issue. I now get the OVF env parms in the output of the command:

# vmtoolsd --cmd 'info-get guestinfo.ovfEnv'
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Kind>VMware ESXi</Kind>
  <Vendor>VMware, Inc.</Vendor>

NOTE: "Restart Guest OS" did NOT help, only power off/on.

Possibly someone else can help explain why the command didn't work in the first place, and/or a better recovery from within the guest VM.

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