The cable of the Powerswitch in the case needs 2 Pins, but there are 20 Pins at the front panel connector of the Mainbaord. Where I have to plug in this Cable?


Are you sure you have the correct spare part, 519739-001 Power Button/LED Assembly?

It should have only one connector, referred in the manual like this:

  1. Connect the power button/LED assembly cable to the system board.

On the HPE ProLiant ML330 G6 Server - Remove/Replace Videos you can see this cable on the video Power button/led assembly (0:21-), and it is a single 20-pin cable for the whole connector:

enter image description here

Therefore, the HP ProLiant ML330 G6 Server Maintenance and Service Guide doesn't even have any guidance for the connector pinout, as it doesn't assume you would be connecting individual 2-pin cables.

The only 2-pin (red/black) cable involved should be the temperature sensor. If it's not connected for some reason, there's also a video for that on the same media library page. It seems to belong to the lowest 2 pins on the "reserved" (27) connector right above the fan 3 connector (26).

enter image description here

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