I wish to use a custom docker image that I'm describing from a Dockerfile. I've uploaded this Dockerfile to my own GitHub page and created a repository for it. I'm trying to upload and test laravel projects to an Atlassian BitBucket surface, where if you activate Pipelines, the content will be tested with docker. I wish to use my own docker image here. How can I set the bitbucket-pipelines.yml to pull down the image that would be created with the help of the Dockerfile? Or This is just not how I should make it? If not, then how?


You can build the image yourself and push it to Docker Hub, then you can reference it in Pipelines as:

image: yourdockerusername/yourimage

In fact, you can host it anywhere:

image: your.docker.registry:port/user/image

Bitbucket Pipelines also allows you to build the image, too, you can push to any repository from there.

  • Cheers Buddy! :) – Bert Aug 8 '17 at 7:01

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