I have a server with mysql. I issued grant all on *.* to 'user'@'%' require ssl;, created ca, key and cert according to this guide. I'm not using client certs.

I copied ca.pem to a sandbox and connected to the database from this sandbox, using the command mysql -u user -p -h --ssl-ca=ca.pem and it works like a charm. Without --ssl-ca=ca.pem it does not work, just as expected. Issuing SHOW STATUS LIKE 'SSL_CIPHER'; confirms that encryption is working.

But when I'm trying to connect with SQLYog using the same ca it does not work. I get the error message

Error No. 2026

SSL connection error: self signed certificate

I'm using SQLYog 12.4.2


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After some googling, I found this:


The CA-cert and server-cert cannot have the same common name, because this is a vulnerability for man in the middle attacks. Make sure that they differ. The CN for CA can be anything and the CN for server-certs should correspond to their IP or URL or similar.

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