We have an application which is ready for AWS S3 Storage. Recently we had an requirement to write also on a Swift Object Storage. I know that Swift stack has an option to enable S3 compatibility but unfortunately this cannot be achieved on this server due political restrictions.

So I would like to use a simple proxy which converts a S3 request into an Swift one. Note that I dont own the destination server so the comunication would be like that:

File Upload --S3Protocol--> S3-SWIFT-PROXY --SwiftProtocol--> Swift Storage Destination

Trying to achive that, I've went through several options but I didn't manage to make it work.

For example, the swift-plugin seems to be a solution to install on the Swift server but not act as a proxy middleware to just forward the request to a third swift server.

Another lib I've went through is swiftproxy which does exactly what I need in the oposite way: forward a swift requests to S3.

Is there any way to solve this without changing the application layer?


There's s3proxy which does what you want to do

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