I am new to elasticsearch and figuring out how to setup ELK stack for logging syslog.

I successfully installed all ELK stacks and it works fine. However, after I installed ELK stack, when I reboot, var/log/elasticsearch is somehow deleted so elasticsearch fails to start.

Why var/log/elasticsearch is deleted after rebooting system? How should I configure not to delete on rebooting?

Thanks in advance.


So, the problem was due to /etc/fstab.

In /etc/fstab, /var/log was set as tmpf. Thats why /var/log/elasticsearch/ was being deleted after reboot of system.

So in /etc/fstab, it added one more line of tmpfs /var/log/elasticsearch tmpfs defaults,noatime 0 0, which enables /var/log/elasticsearch not to be deleted after reboot.

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