I have a user who has set up a few services running on their domain user account - the problem is that he doesn't remember where he set his account up like this. Is there anyway to see what his account is linked to without just disabling the account and waiting for someone to shout?

There is a high chance that the services linked to his account could cause service outages to several users



Run a PowerShell command like this on all your servers:

Get-WmiObject Win32_service | Where-Object {$_.StartName -notmatch "^(LocalSystem|NT Authority)" -and $_.ServiceType -ne "Unknown"} | Format-Table Name, StartName -auto

or if you know the actual name of the account:

Get-WmiObject Win32_service | Where-Object StartName -match "username" | Format-Table Name, StartName -auto

this will show all services not run by the usual suspects, or actually run under the domain account in question.

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