I am working on a KVM-QEMU virtual machine.
Currently I want to find out whether a program (e.g., MySql) running inside the virtual machine is idle (i.e., not busy processing requests).
I want to get this information in the QEMU level (from the information outside the VM).
From the cpu usage of the virtual machine process, I can roughly determine whether the program has become idle if this program is CPU-intensive.
However, is there any advice on how to determine if this program is disk IO-intensive? Because for the IO-intensive application, if it's still busy processing requests, its CPU is not much used, I can not tell from the CPU usage. Many thanks in advance.


You can use iotop -a to show accumulated I/O transfer for each process. From the process command line, you can infer which VM is doing heavy I/O.

Another possibility is to search, via ps axf, for processes in D or S state.

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