I'm using Amazon Linux on an EC2 instance started from the most recent 2017.03 AMI (ami-6df1e514).

This distribution comes with g++ 4.8.3 from 2013. I need something more recent that can compile C++14.

Is there any way to install a more recent gcc from some sort of binaries, or am I stuck compiling it from source?

I'm not seeing anything in the Amazon repos that looks recent:

[ec2-user@ip-... ~]$ yum list \*gcc\*
Loaded plugins: priorities, update-motd, upgrade-helper
Installed Packages
gcc.noarch                                                   4.8.3-3.20.amzn1                                      @amzn-main
gcc-c++.noarch                                               4.8.3-3.20.amzn1                                      @amzn-main
gcc-gfortran.noarch                                          4.8.3-3.20.amzn1                                      @amzn-main
gcc48.x86_64                                                 4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     @amzn-main
gcc48-c++.x86_64                                             4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     @amzn-main
gcc48-gfortran.x86_64                                        4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     @amzn-main
libgcc48.x86_64                                              4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     installed 
Available Packages
gcc-gnat.noarch                                              4.8.3-3.20.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44.x86_64                                                 4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44-c++.x86_64                                             4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44-gfortran.x86_64                                        4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44-gnat.x86_64                                            4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44-objc.x86_64                                            4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc44-objc++.x86_64                                          4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
gcc48-gnat.x86_64                                            4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     amzn-main 
gcc48-plugin-devel.x86_64                                    4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     amzn-main 
libgcc44.i686                                                4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
libgcc44.x86_64                                              4.4.6-4.81.amzn1                                      amzn-main 
libgcc48.i686                                                4.8.3-9.111.amzn1                                     amzn-main 

Is there an alternative, testing repo or something that contains more recent packages?

  • What's the issue? – bcattle Aug 14 '17 at 19:22
  • 1
    Many packages available for Amazon Linux are out of date. The best approach is to use Ubuntu. If you have to start with AL your options are to find a repository that's up to date (Centos) or build from source. – Tim Aug 14 '17 at 19:33

Use the new Amazon Linux 2 at https://aws.amazon.com/amazon-linux-2/ which has gcc v7.2.1 in it's default repo.


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