Is there a way to automatically apply Labels to instances that are launched by a GCE Managed Instance Group (aka. Instance Group Manager)? I see that you can add Network Tags in the Instance Template (properties.tags), but I don’t see a way to add Labels for use in searching for labeled instances using instances/list.

A workaround would be to manually call setLabels on instances from the Instance Template’s startup-script.

In AWS EC2, the equivalent would be to add Tags to an AutoScalingGroup with PropagateAtLaunch: true.


Labels are currently a beta feature. You can use the following command to create Compute Engine instance template with labels for your managed instance groups:

gcloud beta compute instance-templates create NAME --labels=[KEY=VALUE,…]

  • Hi Kamran, I right understand, for now, boot disk labels must propagate from instance template labels?
    – zombi_man
    Oct 1 '19 at 0:07

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