[ansible@kctl-master kubectl]$ sudo kubectl get services
NAME            CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)        AGE
kubernetes      <none>        443/TCP        43s
nginx-ingress   <pending>     80:32102/TCP   1m
[ansible@kctl-master kubectl]$ 

after running,

trying to have a virtual-ip not being used by this or any nodes for HA.

But "external-ip" is stuck at "pending"

[ansible@kctl-master kubectl]$ cat 0-ingress.yaml 
apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: nginx-ingress
  type: LoadBalancer
    - port: 80
      name: http
      nodePort: 32102
    k8s-app: nginx-ingress-lb
[ansible@kctl-master kubectl]$ 
  • What provider is this running on? – ConnorJC Aug 19 '17 at 3:26
  • vSphere. the container cluster will host in-house web engine – unimportantindifferentperson Aug 19 '17 at 7:01

vSphere's cloud provider only supports volumes, not LoadBalancer services: http://vmware.github.io/docker-volume-vsphere/kubernetes/overview.html.

As such, Kubernetes is unable to provision a load balancer for said services. You should either use a NodePort service or externalIPs to expose your service to the world.

  • thanks for the link. looked around i would appreciate if you can please help point to any kind of yml/json samples that describe what you say. "externalIP" you speak of, is this a shared IP among clusters? thanks – unimportantindifferentperson Aug 19 '17 at 15:29
  • what if this were to be in AWS? – unimportantindifferentperson Aug 19 '17 at 15:30
  • You can use the externalIPs attribute of a service to expose it without using a load balancer (But there are caveats). This example I gave for GCE should also apply to vSphere: serverfault.com/questions/863569/…. – ConnorJC Aug 19 '17 at 15:49
  • AWS support cloud load balancers, so it should work there. Additionally, GCE, GKE, and Openstack support cloud loadbalancers. I'd recommend considering OpenStack if you want to use on-premise VMs. – ConnorJC Aug 19 '17 at 15:51

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