I am looking into a setup where I will have servers and databases in multiple regions (data not replicated across region but independent).

The ideal flow would be:
- user make a request to api.domain.com
- proxy/load balancer determines which location contains the user data / user related data (ideally cache this against the user's session)
- proxy routes the request to location1.api.domain.com - ideally the location1.api.domain.com will be load balanced through this service too, or independently (AWS Beanstalk for example)

I am looking at HAProxy which seems to support custom routing but do you have any tips around a setup like this or some articles/examples of custom routing? If that's a good solution for this at all.

Related question advising to use HAProxy: How to configure reverse proxy/loadbalancer for custom routing


HAProxy would certainly work. I have had great luck doing this with Nginx and Lua in the past. I prefer this approach for the near infinite flexibility. Unfortunately there isn't a basic service for this type of need since you will be looking at custom data to make your routing decisions.

So, if you prefer HAProxy I say go for it. If you would like additional flexibility then go with Nginx and Lua.

  • Thanks for the reply. After more research I went with Nginx with Lua (Openresty). It does offer great flexibility and seems to be efficient for the job. – Maxime L Aug 23 '17 at 15:16

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