I've been working with Get-Printer and I ran into a situation where the server returns two instances of every print device. One is called "Print" and the other is "Print3D". I can't find any information about this online and I'm wondering what this device type is supposed to be used for.

Bonus: How do you turn this off and what impact does it have on printing?

Running Windows Server 2008 R2


I asked Microsoft about this and I'm told it's a feature of Windows 10. As for why a regular printer shows as a 3D printer, still unknown. Could be a bug in the get-printer cmdlet.

When the devicetype is Print3D it means the hardware support for 3D printing is provided by the Printer hardware. With 3D Builder, you can scan, construct, and print 3D models in Windows 10.


A possible explanation: you logged on via RDP to this server from a Windows 10 computer and didn't turn off the option to connect local printers; as a result, print drivers from the client got installed on the server.

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