I have a second static IP for a google cloud instance. Everything was fine for a number of months.

The instance will no longer receive traffic externally. I can reach the IP from the server - but nothing is available from outside.

I've double-checked and the static IP is still setup with a forwarding rule.

I've double-checked the google firewall and there's no rules specific to any IP.

I've tried creating a forwarding rule through the advanced load-balancing page (I don't think I should have to, but I tried as quick fix), but it never creates anything (goes back to the list with nothing added).

Is there anything else to check? A way to verify the forwarding rule is working?


Forwarding rules work in conjunction with target pools and target instances to support load balancing and protocol forwarding features. It looks like that you're using forwarding rule with a target instance. You can use the following command to add a new forwarding rule to your target instance. For more information visit this article.

gcloud compute forwarding-rules create [FORWARDING_RULE]
[--address [ADDRESS]]
[--description [DESCRIPTION]]
[--ip-protocol [IP_PROTOCOL]]
[--ports [PORTS]
[--region [REGION]]
[--target-instance [TARGET_INSTANCE]]
[--target-instance-zone [TARGET_INSTANCE_ZONE]]

The other option is creating VM Instances with multiple network interfaces. Every interface can have an external IP address. This configuration is described in this article.

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