I have looked at simlar questions but they do not cover my scenario. Example: Is it possible to enable http compression for requests?


  • Server A is running a Service which generates large XML files. On Server A, Apache is installed as a Proxy to foward (PUT/POST) the Messages to our Server B.
  • Because the files are rather large, I want to compress (e.g. gZip/deflate) the XML before being sent to Server B.
  • I can use mod_deflate on Server B (inputfilter) to automatically decompress the message. On Server A, I have also configured mod_deflate (set as outputfilter) but the request is not compressed - only the response from Server B can be then accepted as compressed.

Question How can I configure the Apache on Server A to compress the request body before being sent to Server B?

Restrictions/Further information:

  • I cannot modify/implement the compression of the XML in the Service (closed Software).
  • I cannot change the scenario to Server B requesting the file.
  • Process does not need to be HTTP complaint

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