there's something I can't understand with the SSLCACertificateFile parameter on Apache SSL conf. Put for example I have a ROOT cert "A" that issued an intermediate cert "B". Then, I produced a couple of leaf certificates using B, say "L1", "L2".

Now, according to the documentation, if I want to trust only L1 and L2 I should put "B" and "A" inside a file pointed by SSLCACertificateFile (if I put only certificate "B" Apache gives an unable-to-find-issuer error).

Now, let's produce another certificate, "C", derived from "A" (the root). Would apache trust a peer that's using certificate C? To me, it is a "yes, it will" as Apache will find the issuer of "C" inside the SSLCACertificateFile, it is "A"! But I don't want to trust C, I only want to trust L1 and L2.

Am I missing something?

many thanks!

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