I want to configure 3 websites in IIS 10, all with https bindings only, using 3 separate domains and SSL certificates. I know I have to configure the https binding for each site on a different port, but is there a way to do this so the port does not have to be specified when accessing the website, and so it works on restricted networks that only allow port 443 traffic?

https://www.mywebsite1.com default 
https://www.mywebsite2.com instead of https://www.mywebsite2.com:444
https://www.mywebsite3.com instead of https://www.mywebsite2.com:445
  • IIS 10 supports SNI, so you don't need to use different port numbers. – joeqwerty Sep 1 '17 at 17:05
  • Does this require multiple IP address , is it possible on aws ec2 instance? – ddrjca Sep 1 '17 at 17:40

You can use the same port number, but you must enable the option called "Requier Server Name Indication" in the Binding of your website and enter the hostname :


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