I have a mail server on Ubuntu using Postfix and Dovecot and SpamAssassin. In Postfix I am using "plus addressing" via the recipient_delimiter option. So, for example foo_junker@me.com and foo_stupid@me.com are valid and actually deliver to the foo account.

Some of those addresses have gotten scraped/sold and are now heavy sources of spam (such as foo_dropbox@me.com). I'd like to block all email addressed to a specific list of addresses.

I edited /etc/spamassassin/local.cf to:

  1. Uncomment this line: shortcircuit USER_IN_BLACKLIST_TO on
  2. Add this line (above the shortcircuit): blacklist_to foo_dropbox@me.com

After I restarted spamassassin (/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart) emails sent to the blacklisted address still come through unharmed.

How can I hard-nuke these emails so I never see them?


Use this line to blacklist emails sent directly to foo@me.com:

blacklist_to foo@me.com

And add the following line to blacklist emails sent to any foo alias (with "_" as recipient_delimiter):

blacklist_to foo_*@me.com

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