I have a simple batch script that recursively looks at all files and folders within the directory and writes out the file inventory to a text file. It currently looks like this:

dir /b/s > files.txt

The /b means don't give any extra info and /s makes it recursive within sub-folders. The sample output is:


I'd like two things:

  1. Only list out files in this listing rather than files and folders
  2. I'd like the paths to be relative from where the batch script was called

E.g. I have the script in the C:\Users\mark\Desktop\site\site\ folder so I don't want to see up to that point.

Is it possible to do those two things and if so, can anyone help with either?


dir /b /s /a-d will get you files only. I think for relative paths you're going to need to do some more work than just a simple batch file, e.g. call some vbscript to (1) get the current directory, (2) open the text file, (3) do a search and replace on the text file, and (4) save the result back.

  • Thanks for the info on the extra flag! Worked perfectly. I agree about the path thing and I don't think I'll really be able to do it. I might look for some sort of batch script RegEx for a replace. – Mark Nov 23 '09 at 16:20

You can grab the unxutils suite, drop find.exe in your starting directory then launch it with something like:

./find.exe . -type f > result.txt

Just my 2cts.

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