I'm trying to set up a git server on my synology following this tutorial.
The step I'm stuck at is this:

copy public rsa key from local computer to gituser account on server

I use following command: scp -r C:/.ssh/id_rsa.pub my-user-name@ip-adress/volume1/homes/gituser/.ssh, which generates following output: ssh: Could not resolve hostname c: Name or service not known.
Since I created a dir under C:/.ssh containing this file I don't know what to do. Can anybody help me on this one?


Your need the directory path instead of using "C:" scp thinks you are trying to copy from a server called "C". I don't have access to a Windows machine but try something like this \desktop\myfolder\.


Based on error, your scp syntax looks incorrect. scp -r "local_file_full_path" user_ID@hostname:/remote-server_path

colon( : ) is used for host specifier.

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